Watan Academy educational platform

Watan Academy educational platform

An educational platform consisting of: Accounts for students, training and education, who we are, comprehensive and various tests, contact us, our courses, honor board and more.

About Project

One of our work is to develop and modify the Watan Academy educational platform. The platform consists of: The platform is only one language - Home page: (Slider, educational staff, who we are, contact us, outstanding students, institute map). - Our courses page contains the contents of some courses and an explanation of them. Lessons page: Each student is shown only the lessons assigned to him, and he can watch the videos with comfort ‎. Contact us page - About us page: contains the educational staff and an overview of the Watan Academic Institute Outstanding Students: Add outstanding students and complete student information is displayed - The team page displays all the work team and displays their names, photos and specializations. - Tests page where the test classifications are displayed and students can choose the test they want with the possibility of repetition.

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Video About The Project

Video About The Project
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Watan Academy educational platform
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