The Importance of E-Marketing

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Posted On 14 Mar 2020    |    E-Marketing
The Importance of E-Marketing

E-Marketing is defined as marketing that uses modern technology to promote products where the ‎virtual market is turned into a concrete physical reality. With the rapid development of ‎technology and modern communication tools, the term "e-marketing" has emerged and has ‎become one of the most important sectors in the business world that have grown and demanded ‎during the communication revolution and rapid technological development in recent years. In ‎fact, it is one of the most important foundations in which companies depend on their success, ‎reach their customers, increase their sales, and improve their performance in the event of a failure ‎in their products based on their customers' reactions. Today, companies, institutions, ‎organizations, and individuals need e-marketing to expand their business activities, increase their ‎sales and convey their messages correctly.‎

The Importance of E-Marketing
The importance of e-marketing can be summarized in several points, most notably:‎

Continuity of the sale: Since sales are not related to specific dates, it is possible to market ‎products without stopping at all times, which means the opportunity to reach target customers in ‎their spare time and during their work.‎
Ability to reach geographically remote customers: Because e-marketing is not limited to a ‎specific region.‎
Low marketing cost: Because planning to create a store to display products is a concern for the ‎investor as a result of the high cost the store needs, such as promotional costs, rents, and various ‎costs, and these costs are lost in e-marketing.‎
Learning the behavior patterns and displaying the right product for the customer: This helps ‎to create a specific product and service portfolio for each customer group and increase the ‎purchase rates.‎
Continuity of the relationship between the marketer and the buyer after the first purchase: ‎This relationship is established by marketing new products via advertising emails, as this helps ‎repeat the purchasing process in the future.‎

The Difference between E-Marketing and Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing is costly, while the cost of e-marketing is very low. Because, while ‎traditional marketing is done through media tools such as television and newspaper, e-marketing ‎is done over the Internet, where advertisements are free or low cost.‎
Unlike e-marketing, which makes it easier to communicate with customers through the use of email and other communication tools in traditional marketing, it is difficult to communicate with ‎customers.‎
While it is not possible to order the product immediately through traditional marketing, it is ‎possible to order the product directly on the website owned by the company in e-marketing.‎
In traditional marketing, all products of the company cannot be examined due to the large and ‎wide area needed, while in e-marketing, all products are easy to review on the company's ‎website.‎

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