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Posted On 21 Mar 2020    |    ESG SMS
The Launch of the ESG SMS Service

Expert Systems Group offers integrated technical solutions to commercial sectors, ‎government ‎institutions and organizations, charities, fina ...

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Posted On 14 Mar 2020    |    E-Marketing
The Importance of E-Marketing

E-Marketing is defined as marketing that uses modern technology to promote products where the ‎virtual market is turned into a concrete physical r ...

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Posted On 11 Mar 2020    |    Information Security
The Importance of Information Security

With the development of technology and information in different ways, as well as the data exchange tools known as data transfer from one place to anot ...

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Posted On 10 Mar 2020    |    web design and development
The Importance of Websites

Undoubtedly, the enormous technological development of our time has made it much easier to access information over the Internet than before. Today, wh ...

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Posted On 10 Mar 2020    |    Graphic Design
The Launch of The Arab Plus Travel and Tourism Group Website

The website displays the services and touristic offers provided by the company and its latest news in two languages, English and Arabic.

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Posted On 21 Dec 2019    |    E-Marketing
Expert Systems Group Promotion

As a real supporter for our customers to achieve their goals smoothly and safely Expert Systems Group Company was established to provide pioneering pr ...

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Posted On 10 Aug 2019    |    Office Applications
Expert Accounting Program

1) The system serves any commercial activity (companies - points of sale - stock - general accounts - supermarkets - restaurants and cafes - clothing ...

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Posted On 08 Aug 2019    |    web design and development
Real Estate Website

This project allows the customer to view detailed features of all properties on sale, such as address, price and interior features, and publish the co ...

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